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african american students meeting with their teacher


(maac) mindful awareness academy

We strive to address the growing need to support children of color, not only academically but emotionally and socially.

MAAC serves community agencies and school districts, including those in Essex County, which demonstrate a severe Achievement Gap and have distinct and unacceptable paths of learning, reaching a crescendo of inequality at the most critical moment of opportunity in a young person’s life: high school graduation.



With your help, we can improve our community, set our children up for success and change the world. Our goals include:

    • Improve joy, empathy, and a sense of purpose.
    • Increase the resources and opportunities for students to thrive.
    • Increase attitude and confidence towards learning.
    • Improve attention, self-control, and resilience based on mindful practices.
    • Increase awareness and knowledge regarding the racial disparities of the educational system.

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father & son

“My son participated in the MAAC ELA Summer Bootcamp program. He is a bright young man but often lacked enthusiasm when it came to academic development. I was astonished by the changes I saw in him following his first day with MAAC. His exact words were, “MAAC made me realize how much I’ve always loved to write and if school were taught this way I would have been a straight ‘A’ student.” You’ve allowed me to see a side of my son that I’ve been wanting to witness for almost his entire academic career.”

-Owen A.

“During my two weeks at MAAC, I was exposed to a new way of teaching and activity and planning that isn’t found in schools. As students in MAAC, we were given the ability to learn in small groups and the instructors who lead the activities were all fantastic people. Without MAAC, I would have never been given the inspiration to consider a new career path after high school. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who has the motivation to utilize their skills in a unique and specialized learning environment.”

-Liam A.

Our Journey

begins now

Mindful Awareness Academy for Children (MAAC) began as a movement to create something meaningful in student’s lives. As a teacher for the Montclair Public Schools for 25 years, I have called upon my educator friends to walk with me, hand in hand, to service our children. Designed to benefit ALL learners, our approach is individualized and specialized.

​Our educational journey begins now…

Andrea Nicole Smith-Morgan
Montclair High School Teacher

M.A. Curriculum & Instruction:
Columbia University

B.A. Education:
West Virginia University

English, Special Education, LDTC, K-8